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Beta BlockersCardio Diuretics Antibiotics / Antibacterial Anti – Manic Anti Fungal
Vascular Energizers Anti – Anginal Sedatives and Tranquilizers Anticonvulsant Anti Infectant
Anti – Arrhythmic Anti – Platelet Antimalarials Antacids SteroidsNutritional
Anti - Hypertensive Anti - inflammatory / Analgesic Anit – Depressant Antihistamine Supplements / Anti Oxidants

What we do

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Our Product

Established in the year 1990, PANCHEM is an ambitious
Indian pharmaceutical, Functional Food & Nutraceuticals
company; partners with its principals & clients alike to
deliver customized solutions that resolve their significant
issues and create lasting competitive advantage.

Our Experties

Using decades of industry experience and functional
expertise, PANCHEM looks beyond standard solutions
to develop new insights, mobilize resources, derive
tangible results, and make our business partners more
capable of meeting challenges in the rapidly growing
Indian pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical market.