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Dometic API

PANCHEM wanted to diversify its portfolio of businesses in to different vertical strategic business units, with each vertical business unit serving a clearly defined product -market segment with evidently defined strategy. This had further helped in bringingmore focused approach, efficiencyand customized services to the clients and is in line with the future aspiration of the organization to exploit untapped markets.

PANCHEM started its journey with positive thinking, focused approach, innovative ideas & transparency as the hallmark of the beginning of a successful journey, which led to the birth of this division. This division markets the raw materials to the widest range of companies spread across India and around the globe and serves them with unflinching faith over the past 22 years. Domestic API division believes in creating values through reaching out to maximum possible companies, building trust through promoting quality products & providing the widest range of products under the same roof. Today we are reckoned to be one of the most preferred service partners by companies like for their product requirements and shall continue to be at their service with utmost care and dedication in the future.


PANCHEM wanted to leverage its strong standing in the sourcing market to its advantage by further integrating & expanding the business in to newer areas.

Due to inherit strength of sourcing at affordable price in both India & China, help our clients across the world to price their formulation competitively, which subsequently provide them competitive advantage in ever changing business environment.

PANCHEM believes in providing high quality products at most competitive prices, adhering to scheduled time lines, providing all the standardize documents for launching products in regulated & non –regulated markets. These are few of the reasons why we have been considered the preferred partner by many players in the world from different countries.

Today PANCHEM exports APIs to countries like Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, East African Countries, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, USA and few European countries. Further, we have required & necessary arrangements for supplying materials to the developed markets of the world.



This division functions as the stock & sale of imported APIs (Mainly of Chinese origin) to domestic clients. It encompasses a wide range of APIs in Antibiotics & Vitamin domain.

Providing registered and most recommended make of APIs to clients with competitive price, superior service with minimal lead time and client satisfaction are the prime objective.

We have been doing regular business association with the most prestigious Indian Pharma companies like etc. and many prestigious Pharmaceuticals and Biotech companies.

Our Strengths are: 

1. Planning to serve customer requirements promptly. 
2. Quality products from renowned overseas suppliers. 
3. Techno commercial team to materialize all possibilities of business. 



Nutraceuticals are dietary supplements which are generally used to fill nutritional deficiencies in food and to prevent diseases.
Therapeutic Use
• Bone & joint health
• Antioxidants
• Dairy-based ingredients
• Cardiovascular health
• Fibres and carbohydrates
• Cognitive and mental function
• Energy & endurance
• Nutritional lipids and oils
• Eye health
• Prebiotic and Probiotic
• Maternal & infant health
• Diabetis
• Respiratory health
• Vitamins & premixes
• Weight management

Indian Market
Indian Nutracueticals market market is expected to more than double in the next four years at over Rs9,500crore. the growth in the nutraceutical products business will be fuelled mainly because of the changing lifestyle and increasing awareness about nutritional supplements.

As the total market size in India is still very small compared to the global market but there is a huge potential for these products.

Currently, the domestic market for nutraceutical is around Rs4,400crore, which is just 0.9% of the total global business in the category.

India Opportunity
Various risk factors related to health result from an imbalance in nutrition. Such imbalances in India are widely prevalent leading to adverse outcomes. These adverse outcomes are estimated to cost nearly one per cent point to India's GDP and therefore improvement in nutrition status is a critical part of the country's agenda for progress.

Further analysis of India's dietary intake reveals nutritional imbalances across most segments of population, majority of the undernourished population (380 million) faces a challenge to meet foundation needs to maintain normalcy of being. There is a huge population (570 million) that is nourished in calorie intake but not in terms of nutrient intake. They face the challenge of preventing condition specific needs in addition to foundation needs and could be the largest contributor in making India the future cardiovascular and diabetes capital of the world. There is another population segment (80 million) which consumes nutrients and calories more than norm due to their enhanced physical requirements.

PANCHEM Capitalizing Opportunities

In order to tap the huge latent potential market and to pave the way for nutraceuticals to supplement India's quality healthcare agenda, PANCHEM in 2009 set up “Nutraceutical Division”. This division focused on getting innovative products in to the Indian market with clinically proven scientific rational from our world renowned partners. PANCHEM with its innovative and focused approach, quality products, technical skills, Large & wide network of suppliers has become leader in Nutraceutical industry for certain Pharmaceutical products.